Art of Goal Setting - Book Released!

A deep dive into Desires, Goals, and Success.

As you already know, I was working on a book about Desires and Goals. The book is released. Buy it here: Art of Goal Setting.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a mental framework I use to decide which desires to follow and which ones to drop. The first section of the book is my attempt to put that framework on paper. You will see the source of desires, where they hide inside your mind, and how they affect your life. After reading the first three chapters, your view towards your desires will completely change.

The second section of the book focuses on building plans around the desires that you choose to chase — we typically call this process Goal Setting. Here’s a general flow of the process:

desire —> plan —> action —> result

People think that they fail at step 3 — action. But the reality is they fail at step 1 and 2. People don’t analyze their desires and end up chasing things that do not move them to take action. And people try to jump directly into action without any plan. Action without a plan is a recipe for failure.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

A close friend of mine joined special forces last year. After listening to his training stories, I’ve been fascinated by how the elite warriors and army generals operate on their missions. Based on the military-approach, I’ve developed a new Goal Setting framework — Mission Oriented Goal Setting, MOGS for short. This framework will not only skyrocket your success rate of completing goals, but you will also feel the thrill of a commander going on a mission. You will treat your goals as navy SEAL officers treat their missions.

I’ve also included a chapter on removing distractions, bad habits, and addictions from your life. This is critical because no matter how hard you try to climb up in life, your bad habits will always drag you down. The biggest enemy of success is Distraction.

If you decide not to buy the book, that’s fine. But since you are subscribed to my emails, I want to share with you some snippets from the book, regardless of your buying decision:

“We must realize that every individual is unique. Human brains have a very
dense neural network. And that neural network is very malleable. EVERY individual has a unique set of genes, upbringing, and experiences in life. As a result, everyone's mind is shaped into a unique entity. By copying other people's goals, we are erasing that uniqueness.”

“On the journey to control your thoughts, all you need is a mind and awareness. You have both. Always. So don't let any pseudo-spiritual guru tell you that you can't control your thoughts because that's reserved only for his private students. Just like any other skill, you can learn this too.”

“More important than the desire is your intent behind that desire. Do you desire that thing out of anger, for an ego boost, for fame, out of jealousy, or something else? Never chase a desire without knowing the place it is coming from.”

“When you get into the habit of observing your mental images throughout the day, you'll see how many silly dreams your mind keeps watching. All these dreams are tiny desires lingering in the back of your head — silently adding misery to your life like a slow poison.”

“If you do not have enough awareness about the patterns of your life, you will emulate patterns of other people blindly. Without self-awareness, you do not have a reference point to make the comparison.”

“To set process-oriented goals, ask these four questions:
1. What do I want to do every day?
2. What do I want to get?
3. Why do I want to get it?
4. How can I get it by doing what I want to do every day?”

“You get limited time and energy every day. At some point, your goals will compete with each other for these limited resources. And if one goal stops you from using the resource for another goal, these are conflicting goals. As a result, you won't get optimal results in any of the goals.”

I can go on, but I might end up converting this email into a mini-book, so I’ll stop here. If you want to buy the book, buy it now because there’s a 20% discount for the first five days. Also, if you do not find the book useful, I’ll fully refund your money. There’s no risk on your side. Buy — Art of Goal Setting.

See you next week.

Namaste 🙏