How are people making money selling knowledge on the Internet?

Hidden opportunities in a $160 Billion market!

Steve Scott

Income: $50,000/month
Source: Writing books on Amazon

Steve has self-published 60+ books on Amazon. He writes about habits, productivity, and other self-help topics. His most successful book is “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less”.

You might think that writing 60 books is an insane task. Not really. His books are, on average, 20,000 words long. That’s roughly ten blog posts. If you write 500 words per day, your first draft of the book will be ready within 40 days. After 20 days of editing and fine-tuning, your book is ready. You can write a 20,000-word book in two months.

Once written, you need to publish the book. Amazon has done a great job at simplifying the process of publishing a book. You no longer need to beg to the publishers to accept your book. You can directly publish your book on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Jerry Banfield

Income: $10,000/month
Source: Selling video courses

Jerry creates videos on topics ranging from digital marketing to programming and crypto-currencies. He shares his free content on his blog and YouTube channel.

He makes money by selling premium video courses. He used to sell on Udemy, but when Udemy took down one of his courses, he decided to diversify. Now he sells his courses on Skillshare, Uthena, and StackCommerce. He also conducts online workshops and webinars.

Jerry is known for his Income Reports. He openly shares his monthly income from all his income streams. Jerry is the ultimate example of the Learning-Teaching Model. Learn new things and teach them to others. That’s a good way to make a living for curious people who like to learn new things in life.

Adam Wathan

Income: $2 Million with four courses
Source: Creating books and courses

Adam has launched four courses, among which “Refactoring UI” and “Refactoring to Collections” are very popular in the programming community.

He shared his experience launching his first course, “Refactoring to Collections”, on his blog. The course made more than $60k within three days of launch and helped him quit his full-time job.

His latest course, “Refactoring UI”, made $1 million in the first month. He talks about it in his interview at Indie Hackers.

Ed Latimore

Income: $10,000/month
Source: Twitter

Ed is the best example of someone making a living using social media — not by uploading half-nude pictures, but by sharing knowledgeable content.

He tweets about his journey, life lessons, and personal development related topics. He writes his more extended ideas on his blog.

To make money, he sells short ebooks and courses to his Twitter audience.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Income: $20,000/month
Source: YouTube and Podcast

Dr. Rhonda is obsessed with nutrition, health, and aging. She shares her insights on these topics on her popular podcast and YouTube channel.

She doesn’t sell premium courses or books. Instead, she takes donations from her listeners. As of writing, more than 4000 people support her work by donating to her through Patreon and her site.

Rhonda is proof that if you have a deep interest in a field, then you can research in that field and share your findings with people. If your content is useful, people will support your research.


In this post, you saw that there are many different ways to make a good living by sharing your knowledge.

You could share your knowledge on social media and sell ebooks to your followers. If you like a topic, you can research on it, and share your findings on your Podcast. You can take support through donations from those who consume your content. Writing books on your topics of expertise is also much easier than before. People are making millions selling courses!

The online education market is currently $160 Billion, and it’s expected to cross $220 Billion by 2023. Now, you need to make a decision. Do you want to stay a consumer in this market, or capitalize on this opportunity by becoming a producer in this market?

Choose wisely.