Miracles, Expectations, and The Most Important Person in Your Life

Miracle = Desire + Knowledge + Effort

How to Manufacture Miracles?

Sometimes people accomplish such amazing feats that it almost looks like magic. Everyone looks at Elon Musk and thinks, “How did he do all these things in one lifetime?”.

Apart from Luck, there are three ingredients behind such miraculous achievements:

Desire + Knowledge + Effort

Most people think that Effort is everything. Some believe that Knowledge is everything. But the most important ingredient is often overlooked - Desire. A strong Desire comes first; Knowledge and Effort come later.

The depth of your desire will determine how much effort you put into that desire. But just desire and effort is not enough. Knowledge is also important.

Where does Knowledge come from? It comes from two places: watching others (books, videos, podcast, mentoring) and watching yourself. The knowledge which comes from within is more profound and effective.

To learn from yourself, attach feedback loops to your Effort.

Measure your efforts, measure the outputs you get from those efforts. Tweak some inputs and see how much the output is changing. Does it increase your speed? Does it take you closer to your goal?

Everyone is Not You

We are social creatures. We face dozens of people every day in our day to day life. The problem arises when we expect others to behave in a way that lines with our world view.

A kid asks you a million stupid questions. You get irritated. You forget that it’s their natural behavior. We expect them to behave like us.

A driver passes by at a dangerously high speed. You get angry. But that’s the nature of that driver.

Someone makes a dumb argument. You get irritated. But that’s the nature of that person. That person is not you.

The world is not made of people who think exactly like you. Expect people to be random, accept them as they are. Don’t let the variety of human behaviors create turbulence in your emotional state.

Be Your Own Best Friend

The only person who will stay with you from your birth to your last breath is you. In all the happy moments of your life; in all the miseries of your life, the only person who is guaranteed to stay with you is you.

Friends may come and go; family may get separated. But no matter what, you will always stay with yourself.

We often seek someone’s support when we emotionally break down; we seek therapists to have deep conversations about our emotional issues; we seek friends to celebrate our achievements with. All these are okay, but always remember:

Life is a single player game - Naval Ravikant

In the hard moments of life, learn to have deep conversations with yourself. In the happy moments of life, learn to celebrate with yourself. When traveling to beautiful places, learn to be happy without posting on social media. When learning new things, learn to criticize your own work.

Be your own Best Friend.

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