Polymath Letters (14/01/2020)

I am no Guru.

My Twitter account (@CrazyPolymath) gives out vibes of an Internet Guru. I’ve mentioned it several times on Twitter that I am just a regular guy. I like learning, deep thinking, and sharing whatever insights I find. I am more of a Student than a Guru.

Twitter, by its nature, is directed more towards the idea of Influencers and Followers. But I can change that here, over Emails. So, from now on, instead of dropping Guru knowledge in emails, I’ll share my learning in a more personal format, as if sending letters to a friend.

I am also very irregular with emails, but I think I will be more regular using this personal format. If you’ve read my tweets, you know that I can quit this idea at any time. I don’t do anything forcefully; this frees up time in my day to do more of the things that are natural to me.

Current Projects

Before we jump into my current projects, I want to mention a couple of things:

  1. I put no deadlines on my projects

  2. I work on multiple projects simultaneously

  3. I frequently quit projects

Most gurus won't recommend this. The thing is, you should know your strengths and prioritize things in your life accordingly. The online gurus do not know your strengths and weaknesses; they don't have the full context.

But if you are not in touch with yourself, which is a common scenario, then you won't be able to pick your priorities. Probably that's why most people blindly follow the influencers.

Don't get me wrong; I experiment with various hacks that online gurus mention. But the last call to whether keep the hack, or tweak it, or drop it depends on my observation of how I am feeling. Unfortunately, most people are too busy to have a deep conversation with themselves. As a result, most people can't listen to their feelings well.

Back to the topic: what am I working on currently? I am working on a book on the common illusions that people live in. Most people don't live in reality, and that's the cause of most of their miseries. The goal of the book is to break these illusions and take the readers closer to reality.

I am also writing a small guide on Effective Goal Setting. Goal setting is the foundation to achieve anything in life. Before doing anything, you decide to do it. From my observation, most people don't fail because they lack the capability, but they fail because they make silly mistakes while setting their Goals. This actionable guide will help people avoid these common mistakes and increase their success rate. I was previously working on a book on Desires; I am merging the contents of that book into this guide to make it more insightful and actionable.

Speaking of books, in April 2019, I launched my first book Pursue your Passion in which I compressed all my knowledge from a decade of experience in different careers. The book is doing well. Many readers got in touch with me to show how they are implementing the ideas in the book. Some are on their way towards making a full-time living following their passion. If you've bought the book, I am curious to see your results. And if you haven't bought the book yet, you can buy it here.

Current Theme of my Life

A theme of your life is different from your projects or goals. You work on a project at specific times of the day, but you work on the theme throughout the day, 24x7, 365 days. A theme is closer to your life than a project.

Truth has been the theme of my life for a long time. I always seek what's hidden behind everything in life. But recently, my theme has shifted more towards Mastering the Mind. I think my mind will skew my search for the Truth if I don't master it first.

But what I actually mean by the word "Master" here? Most people will think mastering the mind means controlling it at will. But where does that will reside? In the mind, right? By the word "master", I mean how an artist masters his art. An artist doesn't control his art; he understands his art and executes his understanding perfectly.

We will continue our exploration from here in the next email. You can expect similar emails in the future. If you haven’t subscribed yet, click here to subscribe.

Namaste. 🙏