Unreal thoughts, Imitating others, and Importance of work

Are you living someone else's life?

The unreal nature of thoughts

Our mind is continually bombarding new thoughts. These thoughts don’t come from external reality. They are the construct of our minds.

Close your eyes for 60 seconds. Observe the thoughts that pop up in your head. A thought comes, you live it, it ends, then another one comes. One form of mindfulness meditation is to observe the thoughts arrive, acknowledge, but not live them. But this email isn’t about meditation.

I want to bring your attention to the illusory nature of our thoughts. They are not real, yet they shape most of your reality. They shape how you perceive your reality; they shape your actions and reactions; they shape your judgments.

Now, the curious ones will ask, “What to do then? Should I start meditating 10 minutes every day? Which meditation do you recommend?”.

We are always looking for solutions. But in this case, just observing this process taking place inside your mind every day is sufficient. Sometimes, realizing the truth is enough; the change comes automatically.

Living your life vs. living someone else’s life

Last week, I installed Instagram on my phone after a long time. I found myself laughing at some people trying to imitate Gary Vee. I can’t blame them. Four years ago, I used to watch the lifestyle of people like Grant Cardone and Dan Lok, and imagine living such a lifestyle one day.

I’ve come far from that stage, but unfortunately, a lot of people are stuck there. They pick up the mimetic desires by watching others. They imitate their personalities, work, and goals. They start to live someone else’s life.

You don’t want to do that. Instead, here’s what I recommend you to do:

Disconnect from society and social media for one day. Sit in a quiet room, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I genuinely want?

  2. Why do I want it? Where’s this desire coming from?

  3. What will be the cost of achieving this desire? Approximate the time and effort required by this desire.

  4. Am I ready to pay the price?

Spend some time with these questions, and don’t settle for the surface-level answers, dig deeper.

Note that I am not asking you to judge your desire at any stage, but you must always know the root of your desire before chasing it.

Importance of work in life

Your work and your relationships give meaning to your life. We pick our relationships very carefully, but in the matter of work, we settle with anything we get.

If you don’t like a person, you won’t stay with that person for a single day. But you stay with a job that you don’t like for 30 years, 9 hours per day! Somehow, we think this is normal.

The problem is, people don’t know how to build a career based on their interests. Schools and colleges don’t teach this essential meta-skill. That’s why I wrote the book, Pursue Your Passion. It will help you explore your interests and make money with them online.

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