We spend the entire life chasing mirages

Someone is making okayish amount of money; he thinks a salary raise or switching the job will get him more money, and his life will be set.

Someone is in poor shape; he thinks he will join the gym, get in shape, and his life will be set.

Someone is single; he thinks once he gets his game on point, he will get girls, and his life will be set.

Everyone is chasing something in the hope that it will fill the void in their life and make it perfect. But the voids never end. The truth is, life is already perfect as it is. Your mind is hallucinating the voids in it.

The mind constantly picks things from your surroundings. Saw a video of a guy riding a luxury car? What does he do? Internet marketing. Damn, wouldn’t it be cool to start an Internet marketing business and live that kind of life? See how your mind hallucinated a void in your otherwise perfect life?

We are all chasing these mirages, and these mirages are the creation of the mind. Once you reach the mirage, you realize it’s not what it looked like. Then the mind shows you another one, and you start chasing it with the same hope - to make your life complete.

I am not saying that one should not have any desires in life. I am just saying know that they are just mirages. Keep your expectations straight. Don’t expect something that those mirages can’t give you.


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